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Meet Vinny

Vinny ready for work

Vinny getting ready to head out to work!

Vinny walking with a friends daughter

Vinny walking with our friends daughter, who cannot wait to have a little playmate in the future!

Vinny and his family for his nephew's prom!

Vinny's family is ready to welcome another child, grandson, niece or nephew to the family!

Vin and the pups

Vin and the pups having some morning snuggles!

Vinny and a bestie at her wedding

Vinny enjoying a special moment with a longtime friend at her wedding

Pizza party!!

Vinny and a good friend's son enjoying some pizza while helping them move to a new home.

Smiling with friends

Vinnys besties cannot wait to share memories with our child!

Vin Selfie

Vin taking a quick selfie at work!


Vinny found one of our friends at a concert we went to! Cannot wait to take our child to shows and concerts!


Celebrating a longtime friend's 30th! Can't wait to have birthday parties for our kids!

•Smart, caring and honest. •Large Italian family with strong family values and honors tradition. •Two siblings who can't wait to welcome another baby to the family. •Vinny has a love for animals, with 2 small dogs and a kitten. •Vin continued his education, obtaining a Bachelor & Masters degree. •Manages healthcare offices close to home. ​•Vinny's surrounded by a bunch of friends & family. •Loves to travel, laugh, learn, cook and is very handy.  •Also loves to do puzzles, play games, swim, & watch movies! These are some of the great things I know about Vin and know that he cannot wait to share and pass on to our child as he will be a fantastic dad. He loves spending time with his niece, nephew and friend's kids as well. He gets right in imagination land when he is playing house, games or even fairytale land with kids. He will help our child grow to be an amazing person, just like he is. ~Mike

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