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Meet Vinny. -written by Mike

Vinny is a smart, caring and honest person. Vinny truly understands the value of life. Vinny comes from a large Italian family, where family traditions are held at the upmost value. Vinnys parent's have raised a wonderful, smart and loving son. Vinny also has 2 older siblings who are also very involved in his life. Vinny has a love for dogs like no other, sometimes I wonder if he loves our dogs more than me! (joking, kind of) Vinny has grown so much over the last dozen years that I have been with him. He's continued his education, obtaining both a Bachelor and Master degree. He has growth at his place of work over the last 12 years and is now the practice manager of a multi-specialty doctors office part of the largest health system in the tri-state area. Not only do I look up to Vinny, but so do his employees.  ​Vinny's also surrounded by a bunch of friends. Some he had since highschool, others he's gained over the years. Vinny's kind heart has helped him keep such great relationships with those he surrounds himself with. He's traveled, laughed, learned from, and taught so much over his lifetime with his friends.  ​Ever since we crossed paths, way back when, I knew that I wanted to spend my life with Vinny and grow old together. I met Vinny right after high school and his charm, knowledge and positive attitude caught my attention and never let go. He is not only handsome, he is bright and intelligent too! So far, we've got almost 13 years in the books, any many more to come.  ​Little fun things about Vinny. Vinny likes to build things and is very handy. When we purchased our home two years ago, we hit the ground running with home renovation projects. He painted, build a desk for the home office, repaired some aging structures on the home and refinished the deck. Recently, he build a nice fire pit for us to spend time with friends and family outside at night by the fire sharing memories and having good times. Vinny also loves to bake and cook. Vinny always will be found making cookies, brownies and dinner. He loves to play video games too in his free time. Vinny loves comedy movies and action movies. These are some of the great things I know he cannot wait to share and pass on to our child! ​Vinny will be a fantastic father. He will show his child or children the meaning of life. He loves spending time with his niece, nephew and friend's kids as well. He gets right in imagination land when he is playing house, games or even fairytale land with kids. He will help our child grow to be an amazing person, just like he is. Vinny is going to be an amazing dad. ~Mike

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