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We are Vinny and Mike
and we are hoping to adopt!

We are from the suburbs of south-shore Long Island, NY. We are a loving, same-sex male couple who met right after high school in 2009 and has been together for almost 13 years! With a humble home, 2 small dogs and a kitten, we are ready to welcome a child. We are able to care for a child with all of our hearts and provide anything and everything we can for them. Private adoption will give us the ability to build a family and have children, which we unfortunately cannot have any other way. There are a few options we can look into to build a family of our own, but adoption is the only one that is right for us. It makes the most sense and is the most wonderful gift that you can give someone, and the right choice for us. 

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More About Us...

We met almost 13 years ago and have spent our entire adult lives together. We have went to school together, traveled together and spend a lot of time with our families over the years. We are so excited to get to share our experiences with a child of our own. Over the years, we have spend a lot of time traveling to Mike's family home in Puerto Rico and to Vinny's family home in Florida. We hope to continue these traditions with our little one, or possibly little ones, as we grow our family.

We both work in the healthcare field here in New York and have been working in healthcare for the entire time that we have known each other. We have such great resources to care for a child, if we ever need them. We both have nieces and nephews who we love, care for and have watched them grow. They are so excited to get a new cousin! We will play games, travel, have birthday and holiday parties, learn together, and make the most amazing memories. 

We both like to either pend time at home together playing games, watching movies or swimming in our pool. We also like to hang out with with friends/family out at events, dinner or even travel and go on trips together. We surround ourselves with friends who are caring, energetic and fun! We have great support systems who cannot wait to love our child just like they love us. Both of our family and our friends are so excited to welcome a child in to our lives! They will love them with all of their hearts!

Our Support System


We are also using an attorney to help us through this process.

Please feel free to contact Faith directly!

Faith Getz Rousso, Esq.


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