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Meet Mike

Work Selfie

Mike taking a quick break for a selfie at the office!

Supply shopping

Testing out some baby gear! Can't wait!

Mike and his niece

Mike enjoying some outdoor time with his niece upstate!

Volunteer work

Mike Volunteered for our local beach clean up!

Boardwalk strolls

Mike strolling the boardwalk with a good friend's daughter.

Mike and Archie floating around in the pool

Mike and Archie, our male Pomeranian mix, in the pool. Archie loves to swim!

Wedding season

Mike loves being a +1 at anyone's wedding!

Holiday season

Spending time with the family during the Holiday season

• Great, funny & warm person full of character. • Loves to watch movies & play games with friends & family. •Surrounded by loving friends and family. •One sibling and one niece who Mike loves to play with! •Love for education, he continued his education, obtaining both a Bachelor and Master degree. •Manages multiple locations in the OB GYN field. •Great outlook on life and positive attitude. •Goes out of his way to help a friend in need. •Likes to ride his bike and go on adventures. •Loves horror & comedy Movies! Mike and I met 13 years ago. Everything we do together has been a blessing. Mike knows how good his heart is and likes to share great times with everyone. Mike without a doubt will be a fantastic dad. He will show his child the meaning of life and how to enjoy it. Mike is going to be an amazing dad, no doubt about it. ~Vinny ​

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